You’ll Never Guess How Much This Frozen Great White Is Selling For

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on December 22, 2015

How much would you pay for a frozen Great White?

Wait…there’s more.

It’s over 15 feet long…

A veteran shark hunter is trying to offload a frozen, five-metre great white that he killed nearly 30 years ago for $30,000 on Gumtree.

Vic Hislop has dedicated most of his life to capturing and killing sharks, but is finally parting ways with a trophy catch – which he picked up off the coastline of Queensland’s Hervey Bay in 1988.

For the past eight years the enormous apex predator has sat in a custom-built refrigerated trailer in his backyard, but the seasoned fisherman is hoping to find a new home for it.

‘Now is your chance to own it and reap the rewards as a traveling display or use our imagination (sic) even pride and joy in your mancave,’ the Gumtree ad read, according to Riptide Magazine.

You'll Never Guess How Much This Frozen Great White Just Sold For

Before the trailer, the shark spent over two decades entertaining the crowds at Mr Hislop’s quirky ‘Shark Show’ in Airlie Beach – but once that shut down he had to transport it to his home.

‘It has been in my backyard since the shark show closed down in Airlie,’ Mr Hislop said. 

‘It is pretty hard to get rid of something like that. It has cost me thousands of dollars in electricity to keep.’

You'll Never Guess How Much This Frozen Great White Just Sold For
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