You Won’t Believe How Old This Hunter Is…And How Great He’s Still Doing!

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on December 28, 2015

This guy is the real deal…

And we can only hope to keep at it for as long as he has!

CALDWELL — As some of his field photos from yesteryear begin to fade, Leo Tuttle does his best to add to the collection. The lifelong hunter, 96, got his deer again this season.

And when he says, “I have to slow down,” the northwest Caldwell resident isn’t talking about giving up the sport just yet. He’s referring to how he must stalk game now compared to when he was in his prime.

Continued good health coupled with support from family, friends and community enable Tuttle to keep pursuing his passion for hunting.

Outdoor Beasts You Won't Believe How Old This Hunter Is...And How Great He's Still Doing!

“I like to be where the game animals are,” he said.

It may have looked like Tuttle was putting his hunting career behind him when, at 70, he thanked his wife, Estelle, and sons Gary and Earl, for putting together a photo and memorabilia display on a wall behind the dining room table. But not too long after that, Gary and Earl began taking their father to a hunting camp that several families set up southeast of Grangeville each year. Whitetail deer are the main attraction recently.

The camp’s group aspect has enabled the elder Tuttle to keep hunting. The other hunters keep him safe and help him find game and optimal shooting positions. He said he enjoys the fellowship and camaraderie among the 14 to 20 others, including “someone who can fix you a cup of coffee first thing in the morning.”

“All the other hunters call him Grandpa Tuttle,” said Gary, 57.

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