What This Town Found In Their Well Will SCARE THE HELL OUTTA YA’

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on December 30, 2015

Life in Mohanur, India is hard enough without this!

A seven-foot-long crocodile that was found in a well in Oruvandur village in Mohanur taluk was caught by the Fire and Rescue Services personnel and Forest Department officials here on Tuesday. Water from the Cauvery enters the well through a channel after which the water is distributed for agriculture needs.

Outdoor Beasts crocodile

On Monday, villagers noticed a crocodile in the well and informed the Forest Department. Officials with the help of Fire and Rescue Services personnel started pumping out the water from the well from Monday evening. Then, they entered the well and caught the crocodile. Villagers said that after the water level in the river started to fall, the crocodile could have entered the well through the stream. They suspect that there could be more crocodiles along the river areas.

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