VIDEO: Guy Teaches His Dog To Dive For WHAT?

Written by Gayne Young on December 1, 2015

Dogs can be trained to do some pretty amazing things.

Case in point.

The guy in the below video trained his dog to dive for lobster!

Don’t believe us?

Check it out.  It’s incredible.

This video shows how to train your dog to catch a lobster. I show you everything you need to know to get your dog to dive underwater and catch a live lobster. I am devoted to the ocean and I trained my black lab Lila how to dive underwater and pick up toys. One day while out free diving, I had the idea of trying to get Lila to catch a live lobster. Sure enough she caught a lobster on her first try, and the rest was history. Follow and subscribe to see more dog diving for lobster videos and great ocean footage. Remember to stay Devoted to the Ocean!


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