VIDEO: Anaconda Killed In Florida Was HOW BIG?

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on December 3, 2015

The Sunshine State keeps getting more and more dangerous!

Exotic and invasive species have all but taken over the backwoods of Florida and, with no natural predators, are growing to alarming sizes.

FWC captures, euthanizes 9-foot-long anaconda found in St. Johns River


The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is looking into how a 9-foot green anaconda ended up on the banks of the St. Johns River.

It is a mystery that may never be solved, as the snake was not microchipped.

A fisherman spotted the snake Wednesday on the bank of the river near the Orange-Brevard county line in Christmas.

VIDEO: Anaconda Killed In Florida Was HOW BIG?

Authorities made it to the scene in time to keep the snake from entering the river. It was killed as it tried to get away.

The snake is a non-native species native to South America that threatens the local ecosystem. Considering the size of the snake, it could have also posed a threat to people swimming in the water, officials said.

Possession of large constrictors like the anaconda found Wednesday is closely regulated by the state, and microchips are mandatory.

Airboat captain Derrick Lockhart said that in his 25 years on the St. Johns, he’s never seen anything like the anaconda.

“I wouldn’t want to be swimming out there … and have one sneak up and grab ahold of you,” he said.

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