This Girl’s Deer Is Unreal! Must Be Seen To Be Believed!

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on December 14, 2015

Brooke Bateman of Dallas just took a deer that will make hunters jealous!

And not because of what it measures!

It was a memorable deer season for Brooke Bateman, 14, of Dallas. Hunting with her father, Mike Bateman, Brooke bagged her first buck on Nov. 21.

Not only did the teenager bring home the venison, she brought home a once-in-a-lifetime trophy, much rarer than a whitetail with record book antlers. Brooke’s first buck was black, so darkly colored that her dad first thought it was an Angus calf.

Even after they’d identified the animal as a whitetail buck, they debated whether they should shoot or not. The black, or melanistic, buck was a six-pointer. The Stephens County lease where Mike Bateman is a member has an eight-point or bigger rule.

Brooke has been tagging along on her father’s hunting trips since 2011. Last season, she shot at a doe. In the excitement of the moment, she missed. Deer hunting has been accurately described as hours of boredom punctuated by unpredictable seconds of excitement.

“On Nov. 21, we got to the lease an hour before we needed to be in the blind, just so Brooke could shoot a few practice rounds,” said Mike Bateman.

This Girl's Deer Is Unreal! Must Be Seen To Be Believed!

“She had not fired a rifle since missing the doe last year. We’ve got a range with silhouette targets. They’re fun to shoot, and Brooke shot just fine with a borrowed .243-caliber rifle that several kids have used for their first deer. It’s a pretty small rifle with light recoil.”

Brooke is on the student council at Lake Highlands High School. She plays volleyball and is also active in her church’s youth group.

The father-daughter hunters headed out into the pasture on their four-wheeler to a hunting blind on a bluff bank overlooking a creek drainage. En route to the lease, Brooke asked her dad if she could shoot a buck if she got the chance.

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