This 22 Point Buck’s NOT WHAT YOU THINK

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on December 18, 2015

Curtis Russell shot a 22 point buck…

And then things got weird.

Curtis Russell’s first chance at the big 22-point whitetail was disrupted before he could take the shot.

“I saw it in a field with a group of six other deer, but a coyote came in and busted me — all the deer blew out,” he said, recalling his November hunt in a Christian County field.

Russell, 32, came back the next day, looking for the deer with a huge rack on its head. Twenty minutes before sunset, he spotted the deer among a group of does and one small buck. The bigger whitetail used its antlers to keep the smaller male at a distance.

“I did a 50-yard belly crawl to cut the distance and got to within 175 yards,” Russell said. “I was using a Remington 700  .30-06, and when I took the shot it was a clean hit. It was dead before it hit the ground.”

Now for the biggest surprise in Russell’s 26 years of deer hunting: The buck wasn’t a buck at all. It was a freak of nature, a doe sporting a huge set of antlers.

This 22 Point Buck's NOT WHAT YOU THINK

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