SHARPSHOOTER! British Sniper Takes Down FIVE Jihadis With THREE Bullets

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on December 14, 2015

This is some amazing shooting skills!

Congrats and THANKS!

SHARPSHOOTER! British Sniper Takes Down FIVE Jihadis With THREE Bullets

A HERO SAS sniper has foiled a terror attack by killing three jihadis and two ISIS guards – using just three bullets.

The sharp-shooter took out three terrorists, at least two of whom were wearing explosive vests, as they made their way to carry out a suicide mission.The unnamed veteran, who joined the SAS a decade ago, saved potentially hundreds of lives by unleashing three well-aimed shots from a distance of 800m.

The operation took place two weeks ago at a bomb factory around 10km outside the ISIS-occupied city of Mosul.

The decision to open fire was given when three men were seen leaving the factory wearing heavy coats, despite the hot weather.

This was an attempt to hide their suicide vests as they made their way to attack civilians in a nearby town, an attack which could have killed a huge number of innocent men, women and children.

The sniper shot the first jihadi in the chest, detonating his explosive device and killing him instantly, along with two ISIS guards sat in a nearby car.

The second terrorist was killed with a headshot, as he and the third man tried desperately to get back into the locked factory.

The third jihadi also died when his explosive vest was set off by a third and final well-aimed shot from the colour sergeant.

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