See What North Carolina Is Considering Doing About THIS!

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on December 16, 2015

The big question is, “Why have they waited this long.”

See What North Carolina Is Considering Doing About THIS!

A hunting season for alligators is being considered next year in North Carolina, where an ever-growing population of the reptiles is causing concern in the southeastern part of the state, according to NBC affiliate WECT.

The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission recently agreed to consider a one-month alligator hunting season set for Sept. 1 in Wilmington and Brunswick counties. Before putting the season in place, though, officials want to hear what residents in the area think of the idea.

No rules have been decided yet, such as the size of the gators that can be taken, how many and rules for a lottery that will be used to issue the licenses. The approved method, though, won’t involve baiting, hooking and shooting them with firearms as shown on “Swamp People,” a History Channel reality TV series that features alligator hunting in Louisiana.

“The way it is written now, and up for consideration for public comment, is with archery equipment, with catch poles, wooden pegs and the like. There is nothing in the write up, at this time, that would allow for hooks or snaring of the alligator,” Wildlife Resources Commission Captain Todd Radabaugh told WECT.

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