Pennsylvania Just Stepped Up To Do This Concerning Coyotes

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on December 14, 2015

Regardless of if your pronounce it “coyote” or “coyot-E” song dogs do a lot of damage.

And cause loads of trouble if not properly managed.

Pennsylvania is stepping up to the plate to set an example of how to handle this situation.

Pennsylvania Just Stepped Up To Do This Concerning Coyotes

HARRISBURG, Pa. —A bill that would authorize the Pennsylvania Game Commission to set a bounty on coyotes is advancing in the Legislature after winning the approval of the state House of Representatives.

Named the “coyote control incentive program,” the bill would allow the game commission to pay $25 to any licensed hunter or furtaker for each coyote lawfully killed. Democrats largely opposed the measure, which passed 111-78 on Wednesday, while Republicans largely supported it in the Republican-controlled chamber.

The bill (CLICK HERE TO READ IT) was sent to the Senate, which does not return to Harrisburg until Jan. 7.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reported that it would be Pennsylvania’s first such bounty on a wild animal in 50 years.

State law already allows year-round coyote hunting, and the bill’s sponsor, Rep. Michael Peifer, R-Pike County, said he wants to give hunters an extra incentive to reduce the growing numbers of coyotes.

The game commission estimates that twice as many coyotes were killed by hunters last year, or about 40,000, as the number of coyotes in Pennsylvania a decade ago.

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