Nun In Hot Water After Doing This…

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on December 7, 2015

How sacrilegious!

The ANTI-Gun, ANTI-Hunting have no shame.

Read how they went over this Sister!

A nun and teacher from Saint Mary’s, Pennsylvania, received backlash on Facebook for her shooting of a male deer.

In an image shared to Facebook on the Erie Catholic Diocese page, Catholic Sister John Paul Bauer may be seen holding the antlers of the 10-point buck she shot during a hunting trip.

Hunting is a normal occurrence for Bauer, and those in St. Mary’s.

“In St. Marys, this is what you do,” Bauer told KPTV. “You go hunting. And everybody goes hunting. The coach, myself, the students.”

 Nun In Hot Water After Doing This...

Bauer waited three hours in a tree, praying the Rosary, before a herd of doe and two large bucks arrived. The buck she killed was the largest of the group.

“I’ve always prayed the Rosary on the tree stand. That’s a tradition,” Bauer said. “You get up in the morning. You pray the rosary in the tree stand. So, I just think the Blessed Mother did smile upon me.”

Bauer, who learned to shoot while serving in the U.S. Navy, finds hunting a spiritual experience.

“When you’re up on a tree stand, you’re still, you’re quiet. You listen. You watch as the frosty ground just becomes alive,” Bauer said. “It’s like creation all over.”

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