MONSTER Peacock Bass Taken In The Amazon…Real OUTDOOR BEASTS

Written by Gayne Young on December 20, 2015

Capt Peacock Amazon Fishing

By Capt Peacock

We’ve had a great two weeks past here in Amazônia.

Just fantastic.

Two weeks ago was the thirteenth week of the season, and although it was a short trip, it was none the less one of my favorites. A big part of the reason for such dealt with my old friend Michael Tackett. I don’t remember just how many times Michael’s been down fishing with us…No, I really can’t remember. Maybe more than 10. All I do know is that each time he comes we have a great time. He brings that heavy Georgia drawl of his and an eagerness to have fun. And he’s got a great attitude. I mean the guy has landed several fish over 25 pounds but he’s just as excited with a hard-earned 10 pounder.

He’s a true angler that loves fishing.

Michael was joined by 17 newbies which included three couples. As always, the women seemed to land bigger and better fish.

Don’t get on to me…I’m just sharing what I know.

Guest Daniel Core with his 18 pounder
Guest Daniel Core with his 18 pounder

Because the river was running low, the best fishing this week was in the lagoons and lakes off of the main river channel. My guests landed most of their over 1,000 Peacock Bass in these offshoots of the Rio Negro and the largest was a whopping 17 pounds (landed by my new friend Carlton). In addition they landed five 10 pounders, three 11s, five 12 pounders, two 13 pounders, and two 14 pound brutes. And this group not only landed Peacock. They pulled in plenty of piranha, dogfish, and barracuda. Most were caught on traditional rod and reel, some on fly rod. And Carlton and his friend Sam along with Charles McElheney II and III did some night bowfishing where they took plenty of catfish, rays, and a host of other nocturnal species.

Capt Peacock Amazon Fishing Dinner at the beach 13

As always, this group did more than fish. They enjoyed all that my 125 luxury yacht has to offer. They ate, drank, picnicked on virgin white beaches never touched by man, danced, got massages, visited native tribes, watched pink dolphins, and soaked in as much of the Amazon as they could. And Samuel and Carlton brought high-tech camera that took some of the best pics I’ve ever seen.

I was truly sorry to see this bunch go.

Until week 14 showed up.

Week 14 was also short but just as energetic.

Ok, maybe more so.

This group consisted of 23 anglers, 12 Brazilians and 11 fellow Americans.

Wilson Perico with his 21 pounder!
Wilson Perico with his 21 pounder!

As is their way, the Brazilians were a fun loving bunch and had their brethren from the North singing and chanting the flight from Manaus to Barcelos and on the bus from the airport to the yacht…and on the boat all week long! It’s a good thing none of the Americans knew what they were singing!

I kid.

This group was an amazing collection of folks as most have been with us before and see fishing with us as something of a tradition. Unfortunately, the fishing was not that great.

Well, for the Amazon.

Marcelo Batista's 18 pound beats
Marcelo Batista’s 18 pound beats

I mean this group DID land almost 1,100 Peacock Bass the largest of which was 21 pounds (congrats Wilson Jr!). They pulled in five 10 pounders, one 11 pounder, two 12 pounders, one 13, two 14, two 15, one 16, and one 18 pound leviathan. This group also landed piranha, barracuda, dogfish, partied, hiked unexplored jungles, danced under the stars on a virgin beach, ate, drank, and got massages. The highlight of this trip was a true man’s man in Mike Stier’s group of four, Allen. This gentleman – Al as he likes to be called – is 86 years old, strong as a lion, fit as a fiddle, and one hell’uva fisherman. He landed 30 to 35 day and chewed the Amazon up like there was no tomorrow. I’d saw Al was fulfilling a Bucket List item by coming but that would imply that he’s going somewhere better soon. I don’t think so. This guy was 100% on the ball and kicking to come back.

13 pounds of Amazonian BEAST!
13 pounds of Amazonian BEAST!

I know this because I know Amazônia.

I’m Capt Peacock.

A vida é melhor vivida na Amazônia.


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