Miranda Lambert Just Pissed Off PETA In A Big Way…And We Love It

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on December 28, 2015

PETA’s pissed at Miranda Lambert…

And we couldn’t care less!

Well, ok…We love the story.

All Miranda Lambert wanted to do was show off the Christmas presents she received from her grandmother.

The 32-year-old country crooner shared two photos on Saturday, a shot of herself in a full-length fur coat she had just received — which she naturally captioned, “I’m so fancy,” a nod to Iggy Azalea’s hit song, “Fancy” — and a collage that featured her grandma and the inside of the coat. The latter showed Nonny’s name, Wanda Coker, embroidered on the pink lining.

Miranda Lambert Just Pissed Off PETA In A Big Way...And We Love It

Animal activists jumped all over the posts, sharing their disdain for real fur coats and lambasting the “Little Red Wagon” singer for accepting the jackets with comments like “f**k fur,” “hypocrite,” and “shame on you.” PETA was also quick to take a stand on the gifts.

“We had higher hopes,” PETA’s Vice President, Lisa Lange, told ET in a statement. “Since Miranda rescues dogs, we always thought she could see that whether fur comes from a mink, a fox, or a dog or a cat in China, the source is always a gentle animal who did not want to die.”

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