I Love Hunting Big Game With Old Ass Rifles

Written by Doug Giles on December 21, 2015

I love hunting with old rifles and custom rifles built along classic, early 1900’s, British lines.

My friend and world-renown gunmith, Sterling Davenport, has crafted for me many gorgeous rifles along 1920s old Rigby and Wm. Jeffery stock patterns.

Currently, I’m having rifle wizard Lon Paul build me a 9.3 x 62 after a glorious and old .350 Rigby rifle.

Call me weird… but I dig antiquated turn-bolts, single shots and doubles. And no scopes.

I Love Hunting Big Game With Old Ass Rifles

Last week I took my 100% original, 1927 James Howe (from Griffin & Howe fame), Springfield 30/06 into the live oak choked woods near my casa in the Texas Hill Country for a weekend whitetail hunt.

And guess what?

My 88 year old, no scope-no problem, bolt action Springfield folded this buck up like a cheap suit. The 220r. Remington Core-Lokt smashed his shoulder at twenty-five yards and the buck didn’t know what him and he fell where he stood.

Is it the biggest deer harvested in America this year?


But you know what is cool to me?

The fact that this well made, nearly 90 year old rifle, is not only beautiful but it’s deadly and it’s back in the field where Howe intended it to be.

I Love Hunting Big Game With Old Ass Rifles

Next time you prepare to go out to the woods to hunt big game think about taking that old treasure in your gun cabinet out.  Or ask your grand-dad if you can take afield one of his old guns.  Or, better yet, see if grandpa has two old rifles and ask him to accompany you into the woods and put those classic rifles back to work.


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