Female Angler Lands HUGE Marlin…Like Suburban-Sized

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on December 2, 2015

They don’t get much bigger…

And the anglers much better!

Female Angler Lands HUGE Marlin...Like Suburban-Sized

While most of us go back to our desk jobs and try to make our way through those Thanksgiving leftovers, angler Jada Holt has been putting in work.

While fishing off the coast of Ascension Island, Holt hooked the catch of her life: a 1,305-pound Atlantic Blue Marlin. The fish was so big it earned its spot as the fourth largest fish ever weighed, thus winning a pending world record. Amazingly, the catch only took Holt 15 minutes to reel in, which comes out to around 87 pounds per minute. Damn.

Female Angler Lands HUGE Marlin...Like Suburban-Sized

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