DISGUSTING But HILARIOUS…Snorkeler Tells The Best Way To Attract Fish

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on December 11, 2015

Well, that’s one way to do it.

Albeit a gross way.

A Reddit user details his misadventures in attracting fish.

FOUL HUMOR AHEAD…You’ve been warned.

This happened about 5 years ago while on a family vacation in Mexico. We were looking for things to do and my dad says he’ll buy my brother and I a snorkeling trip for the next day. We agreed, had dinner, then me and my bro go to the bar at our resort for some drinks. My dad warns us not to get too wasted because the snorkeling trip is booked for 8am. Whatever Dad. We get to the bar, meet some girls, one thing leads to another and I get absolutely hammered off tequila shots. Blackout. Wake up to my dad knocking on the door pissed off saying to get the fuck out on the boat.

Here’s where the story begins. The rocking boat, scorching sun, and cheap tequila hangover were bad enough; then about two hours in I get the urge to explosively shit my shorts. No bathroom. I didn’t want to move, but I decided taking a good ole fashion aqua-deuce is better than shitting on the deck. I grab some goggles, get in the water and swim away from the group of people. I figure I’m a good distance away, dive down a little, pull my shorts down and let loose. This was some next level shit. There’s shit floating all around me, and that`s when I realize that fish fucking love shit. Tons of fish start pecking at it, and at this point some of the snorkelers are heading over since there’s so many fish. I panic because I’m surrounded by my own feces so I just start wack-a-mole-ing the floating turds, trying to break them up. This causes more fish to come and more snorkelers as well. Before I know it, I’m surrounded by fish and snorkelers… and we are all swimming in my shit. In the end I’m not sure if anyone noticed my shit floating around, but it was still embarrassing as hell.


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