You Will Not Believe How HUGE This Kid’s First Big Buck Is

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on November 28, 2015

This 19 year old’s buck is about as big as the get!

ST. ALBANS, Maine — Since he started deer hunting when he turned 10, Zach Ramsdell has enjoyed quite a bit of success.

In fact, Ramsdell, who is now 19, says that over that span, he has filled his tag every year except three.

He credits having access to some very productive land, and growing up in a family that takes its deer hunting pretty seriously.

But despite that success, Ramsdell admitted that he’d never shot — nor seen, for that matter — a truly big buck while hunting.

On Nov. 9, that all changed.

“I sat in the morning, and didn’t see anything, so I went home and had lunch,” Ramsdell said. Upon his return, his luck rapidly changed.

“[I had been sitting] for 20 minutes, tops,” he said. “I had just sat down and gotten comfortable.”

Then a buck with impressive antlers bolted into sight.

You Will Not Believe How HUGE This Kid's First Big Buck Is

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