You Need This At Your Cabin…But Be Warned…

Written by Gayne Young on November 26, 2015

This could be the most fun you have after a long day afield…

Or it could end up being a whole mess of trouble.

Kind’a like when I tested a kegerator for a month.

That month turned into three and I put on around 20 pounds.

That being said, I can’t imagine the fun / trouble this would lead to!

You Need This At Your Cabin...But Be Warned...

Stainless Steel Alcohol / Moonshine Still


  • IMPORTANT NOTE: Please refer to the product description and also the manual that is sent in very package to learn the working functionality of the product
  • Ironclad Money Back Guarantee: An entirely risk-free 90 day trial period. If you are not completely satisfied, simply return it within 90 days for a full refund, including all shipping costs both ways. PLEASE NOTE: The hot plate in the photos is not included.
  • Compact 1/2 gallon size is perfect for getting started with distillation. Starting with a 12% alcohol solution (such as wine), it will yield approximately 7 ounces of hard alcohol. Starting with a 20% alcohol solution (such as mash made from yeast available at most brew supply stores), it will yield approximately 12 ounces of hard alcohol.
  • Extremely Easy to Use — Comes with easy to understand instructions that will have you quickly distilling. And unlike most stills, TableTop Still requires NO running water–eliminating the need for complicated cooling tube hookups.
  • Completely Safe — Made entirely of premium Type 304 stainless steel which will not react with liquids that you are distilling ; Now there is an EASY and SAFE way to distill your own hard alcohol at home.




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