VIDEO: You Won’t Believe The Deer This 14 Year Old Took…And It’s A NEW RECORD

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on November 13, 2015

It must be sad to peak at 14 years of age.

But that’s probably what Micalah Millard of Skiatook, Oklahoma did recently when she took what is being called “the buck of a lifetime.”

Of anyone’s lifetime!

Micalah and her father were hunting a family ranch in McIntosh County during the state’s youth season when the monster buck approached.

Micalah told news outlets, “My dad saw him first and I got my gun set. He was a lot more excited than I was. He was kinda freakin’ out, kinda as close to yelling as you can get in a whisper.  He kept whisper-yelling ‘shoot him, shoot him now’ and thankfully I didn’t listen because he told me to shoot him from the back.”

VIDEO: You Won't Believe The Deer This 14 Year Old Took...And It's A NEW RECORD

Micalah aimed her rifle, squeezed the trigger, and the buck dropped…into the record books.

Her buck green scored 187 and 1/8th inches.  This makes it one of the top five whitetails ever taken in the state and probably the largest ever taken in the state by a female…and probably the largest taken by someone of her age.

Oklahoma’s number one buck measures 194 inches.

Congrats to Micalah! – Tulsa, OK – News, Weather, Video and Sports – |

VIDEO: You Won't Believe The Deer This 14 Year Old Took...And It's A NEW RECORD



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