VIDEO: Tiger Bears Down On Goat…And What?

Written by Gayne Young on November 27, 2015

This is unreal.

Watch what happens when zoo keepers toss a goat in with a tiger.

He was supposed to be a meal, but a feisty goat became a pal of his predator instead.

Earlier this week, Timur the goat was sent into the enclosure of a Siberian tiger — also known as an Amur tiger — living in Russia’s Primorsky Safari Park.

Dmitry Mezentsev, the park’s director, told RIA Novosti that Timur was meant to be food for the hungry predator. “Year-round, we feed the tigers live prey twice a week,” he told the news outlet, adding that the Amur tiger had killed many goats, including large goats, in the past.

But this week, when Timur trotted into the tiger’s enclosure, something unexpected happened.

“The goat was very brave. He flashed his horns or retaliated every time the Amur attacked,” Mezentsev told RIA. “The wary tiger was confused by this, and he decided not to mess with the goat.”

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