VIDEO: They Thought They Were Going Hunting…What They Got Instead Was The Challenge Of Their Life

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on November 30, 2015

These journalists thought they were going stag hunting.

They’re not.

They’re being tested.

By being stranded on an island with only the contents of their pockets and their knowledge of the outdoors to keep them alive for three days.

Could you survive 3 days marooned on an island? a group of six international sporting journalists are about to take the ultimate survival challenge.

This is Castaway.

Day 1: The Sting. The writers accepted an invitation to visit the Borve Esate on the Isle of Harris and stay at the luxury lodge. Little did they know they were going to be stranded for 3 days and two nights on the uninhabited island of Taransay.

Each writer had to hunt to survive using a Sauer rifle teamed with Leica optics, Hornady ammo & Ridgeline clothing.

This fascinating project will push the writers to their limits both mentally and physically.

How would you handle yourself if it all went wrong on a days hunting? Could you look after yourself over a few days and nights if all you had were the things in your pockets?


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