This Product Saved My Life

Written by Gayne Young on November 21, 2015

This Product Saved My Life Gayne Young

They say that everything in Texas either bites, stings, cuts, gouges, or does whatever it can to kill you.

This is especially true in South Texas where almost all the plants bear thorns, the grasses are covered in sandpaper and barbs, and the serpentine wildlife carries needles full of poison.

I was reminded of this recently while on a quail hunt on the Dos Condados Ranch near Rio Grande City, Texas.

When I arrived in only a pair of snake boots for protection from the harsh realities of Texas life, dog handler and guide Drew Hubert quickly and strongly suggested I borrow a pair of his TurtleSkin Total Protection Snake Chaps. To further persuade me he showed me pictures of two six foot rattlers he had killed while hunting the ranch only a week earlier then showed me the bite mark on one of his dog’s face who had been nailed a week and a half earlier.

This Product Saved My Life Gayne Young

“And since I doubt you’ve had the rattlesnake vaccine like my dogs have, I’d suggest you put those chaps on before you leave the truck.”

I listed to Drew and did as I was told.  It’s a damn good thing I did.

Not an hour into the first day of my hunt I almost stepped on four feet of angry rattler.  Three hours after that I was almost knocked over when my friend and owner of the booking agency that arranged my trip Gordie White  jumped upward and back after almost stepping on six feet of half-a-body raised diamondback.  The next day was a close repeat of the first.

This Product Saved My Life Gayne Young

And the thing is that two of these snakes rose up out of the grass to a level above my knee and thus over my snake proof boots. Had either struck – and I not been wearing a borrowed pair of TurtleSkin Total Protection Snake Chaps – I’d most likely be dead or at least wishing I was.

My thanks to Drew for the loan of what is now my new favorite product and one that literally saved my life.

And one I won’t be leaving the truck without the next time I’m hunting where anything and everything is out to kill you…i.e. Texas.

This Product Saved My Life Gayne Young

Look for more on this hunt in the March / April issue of Texas Sporting Journal magazine.

Get a pair of TurtleSkin Total Protection Snake Chaps HERE

Visit Gordie White Worldwide Hunting HERE


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