This Anti-Hunter’s Change Of Heart Is Worth The Read…And Sharing!

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on November 23, 2015

This is a great piece of how a young lady put aside the prejudices of her youth to find out the truth for herself and cane to love hunting in the process.

This Anti-Hunter's Change Of Heart Is Worth The Read...And Sharing!

If you’ve heard one anti-hunter story, you’ve heard 100. But this one has a little different spin to it. And I think you’ll like it.

Erica Faulkner grew up in New England. Her family was a very extreme anti-hunting family.

“My father loves to watch deer but despises the thought of hunting them,” Erica said. “So, I grew up with a sour taste for hunting. My mother has a very strong stance against hunting, too.”

Erica remained an anti-hunter for a long time. Then, her boyfriend, Rodger Willett Jr. (a lifelong hunter) came into her life. He introduced to her what the outdoors was truly about. He showed hunting to her in a good light…the right light.

“I owe everything to [Rodger]. I became educated about it and learned,” Erica said. “It was strange. Growing up, I was an anti-hunter. I didn’t know any better. I ate meat. I didn’t know where it came from, though.

“I always had this horrible impression of hunters just killing animals,” Erica said. “I never gave it any [real] thought. When talking to anti-hunters, bring up herd management. Point out how many car accidents happen due to deer and how many suffer from disease and other issues when there is overpopulation.

“My mother has actually eaten deer,” Erica continued. “She’s an anti-hunter, and she’s eaten deer. I can’t figure it out.”

You have to talk to people. A simple, yet informative conversation (articulated in the right way) will do wonders in changing the mindsets of anti-hunters. You won’t convince everyone, but you can some. Erica is proof.

All it took was someone showing her what hunting was really about. Now, she is a hunter. And she started hunting last year. Today, Erika lives and hunts in Virginia. And this gal doesn’t get it handed to her, either.

“I’m an advocate for anyone who hunts,” Erica said. “But I haven’t done any paid hunts. I hunt public land and scout my own deer.

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