Their “Catch” Is Unlike Any Fish You’ve Ever Seen!

Written by Gayne Young on November 27, 2015

Nik Pyselman and Cam Twigley landed a fish unlike any you’ve ever seen.

Unless your an Ichthyologist or something.

The two men were jogging on Fitzroy Beach on New Zealand’s North Island when they encountered a lacetfish floundering in shallow water.

Their "Catch" Is Unlike Any Fish You've Ever Seen!

Twigley told the Daily Mail, “It looked like it was struggling a bit to get off the shore. I knew we had stumbled across something out of the ordinary so I grabbed it by the tail and lifted it out.  We were pretty shocked when we got a proper look at it. It’s like a hybrid of a baracoota with its fang-like teeth and a sailfish with its tall fin. I’ve definitely never seen anything like it.”

Their "Catch" Is Unlike Any Fish You've Ever Seen!

We’ve never seen anything like it either!

Just how rare a fish is the lacetfish?

We couldn’t even find it on Wikipedia!

Their "Catch" Is Unlike Any Fish You've Ever Seen!



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