RIBBET: PETA Is PO’ed Because School Teacher Did THIS With Dead Frogs

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on November 6, 2015

PETA, the animal activist group that objectifies women to promote their anti-animal agenda, is angry at a Sickles High School science teacher for juggling dead frogs.


Juggling dead frogs.

Admittedly, the teacher wasn’t very good at juggling them, but still…

Watch the below then read what PETA has to say about the matter.

PETA has obtained a disturbing video that was apparently filmed at Sickles High School in Tampa, Florida that depicts a teacher juggling dead frogs slated to be dissected in his science class. The video was apparently posted on social media by a student at the school.
Students learn faster and better by using non-animal methods such as interactive software programs, and with these modern tools, they don’t learn to treat or think of animals as inanimate objects for their amusement or as science equipment to be used and discarded.
Please speak up for frogs by urging Sickles High School to switch to non-animal teaching methods


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