MAN’S BEST FRIEND: Hunter Goes To Extremes To Save His Dog’s Life

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on November 5, 2015


Or foolish?

A heroic dog lover came to the rescue when his family dog was drowning in a freezing lake.

Jonas Lundh, 26, was out moose hunting in Költräsk lake, Sweden on October 24, when his father’s dog Rocky found itself in deep water.

The four-year-old mongrel was helping Lundh to track down the enormous animals when he had given chase to one of them across a partially frozen lake.

Although the moose made it to the other side, Rocky wasn’t as fortunate and began to struggle in the icy-cold water. 

Lundh, from Boden in Sweden, has his dog tagged so that he can keep track of its movements whilst on a hunt.

He feared the worst when he saw the canine entering the water on his GPS.

After sprinting through the forest in panic, he arrived at the edge of the lake and saw Rocky floundering among sheets of ice.

Lundh said: ‘I heard Rocky make a strange bark, and I looked again at my GPS, and saw they were heading out into the water.

‘That’s when I knew I had to act really quickly.

‘So I ran closer to the water, looked around me, and I saw the moose and dog out in the water.

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