JESUS & OUTDOOR BEASTS: Fellowship Targets Outdoor Freaks

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on November 7, 2015

What a great idea!

An Arkansas group called Rugged Faith Sportsman’s Fellowship is combining Christian Fellowship with the Great Outdoors.

“There are four kinds of bears in the world: black bears, brown bears, polar bears and grizzly bears,” said Clay Newcomb, founder of the Arkansas Black Bear Association, a hunting conservation and preservation group. “And not all black bears are black.”

Newcomb also publishes the Bear Hunting Magazine, with a national readership, and the Arkansas Bear and Buck Journal.

Newcomb spoke last month to members of the Rugged Faith Sportsman’s Fellowship in Springdale. Geared toward outdoorsmen, the church features a guest speaker each week to present a 15-minute “seminar” about an outdoor topic.

Newcomb clicked through slides of his hunting adventures — including hunting bears in many parts of North America. He displayed one of his bear skins on the floor, and many of the pictures included his kids dressed in camouflage.

“All my kids hunt,” he said. “Hunting is a powerful community tool for teaching faith. You teach them your values and ethics. Even without saying a word about God, it shows who you are.

“I really want to bring it home to them. It’s not just about animals, it’s about people.”

Newcomb said he has always been passionate about hunting, but he never set out to be in the hunting industry.

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