Holy Nuclear Accident: What Is Up With This Glowing Eel?

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on November 16, 2015

Oh, great.

Another thing to be scared to death of it the ocean.

We’ll add this onto the list of sharks, squids, pollution, more sharks,…

During a scuba-diving trip in the Caribbean, scuba divers were surprised when they captured pictures of a mysterious green eel that glowed.

The divers managed to catch two green eels to examine their glowing properties.

Holy Nuclear Accident: What Is Up With This Glowing Eel?

This eel, Kaupichthys hyoproroides is known to be shy and reclusive.

Analysis showed that the eels had an entirely newfound class of fluorescent protein that need bilirubin (pigment formed in the liver) to glow.

These fluorescent proteins likely helped shape the eels’ evolution, and may help researchers in developing new techniques in the lab.

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