Hippo Hunting In Texas And Other Outdoor Craziness on iTunes

Written by Gayne Young on November 10, 2015

In this episode of the Outdoor Writer podcast, host Gayne C. Young and guest Outdoor Writer CPT (R) Hunter Whirley talk deer hunting in Missouri and Wisconsin, hippo hunting in Texas and Colombia, a bear charge on Kodiak, and other outdoor news. Later, Gayne talks with Gordie White, owner of Gordie White Worldwide Hunting, about why using a booking agent instead of booking with an outfitter direct is a good idea.

CLICK HERE to Visit Gordie White Worldwide Hunting

CLICK HERE to watch Gayne shoot Ivan Carter’s .600 NE

CLICK HERE to watch a teacher juggle dead frogs

CLICK HERE to read about a 14 year old boy dropping a Kodiak bear at 15 yards

CLICK HERE to see the first mule deer ever taken in Wisconsin

CLICK HERE to read about a drunk woman breaking into the zoo to feed a tiger her hand

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The Outdoor Writer podcast is the podcast that’s all about hunting, fishing, the outdoor lifestyle, and being a writer caught in the middle of it all.  Each week we cover the latest in the outdoor lifestyle, interview the best and brightest in the industry, answer your questions, detail our most recent adventures, and discuss the news in an intelligent and witty manner.

Host Gayne C. Young and weekly guest host Craig Boddington have a combined 70 years in the field and have covered such for such magazines as Outdoor Life, Petersen’s Hunting, Sports Afield, Sporting Classics, and many, many others.  They have been interviewed by the New York Times, the London Daily Telegraph, Fox News, and more.

Gayne’s and Craig’s refreshing and fun take on the outdoor lifestyle is unlike anything else in the podcast industry today and will appeal to the nation’s estimated 60 million hunters, those interested in adventure and travel, and those wanting to have fun.

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