GALLERY: The 5 Toughest Animals On The Planet…Number 3 Will Surprise You BIG TIME

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on November 30, 2015

Nature can be a cruel mistress but then so can the animals that call her home.

Some kill, some maim,and some just don’t give a damn.

These are the FIVE toughest critters on the planet.

Gallery: The 5 Toughest Animals On The Planet

The Guinness book has declared the honey badger as, “the world’s most fearless animal.” It looks like a weird skunk or, from the front, like a tiny bear wearing an old man’s toupée, and it’s got the personality to match. These are the psychopaths of the savannah—small-ish omnivores that live in holes. If you were to cast Goodfellas using only African animals, Joe Pesci would definitely be a honey badger. These ferocious weasel cousins will kill and eat anything their size or smaller (rabbits, rodents, lizards), but they’re also famous for attacking anything that steps on or near their dens, including horses, large antelope, and even Cape buffalo. Honey badgers have been observed chasing lions away from prey, will kill and eat cobras, and don’t like to waste anything — they’ve evolved to digest entire animals, including bones and feathers. And of course, they DGAF.


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