FIVE Things You Didn’t Know About JAWS

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on November 3, 2015

1. Pepé Le Pew attacks a cast member!

Probably one of the strangest stories to emerge from the production of Jaws was that of Murray Hamilton’s encounter with a rather smelly animal! Following a demanding day of filming as Amity’s mayor, Larry Vaughn, Hamilton decided to go for a walk back to his hotel where he had been staying. Was it Smelly Cat, as featured in the beloved song Phoebe sang about in Friends? Unfortunately not. Smelly Cat was in fact a skunk! Being greeted with a powerful squirt from the skunk’s bum, Hamilton stumbled back to his hotel in a dazed and confused state. The stench from the skunk was so horrendous that the actor had to burn all of his clothes!

FIVE Things You Didn't Know About JAWS


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