Did Walter “Cecil” Palmer Really Do This?

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on November 17, 2015

Walter Palmer, the dentist that LEGALLY killed famed Cecil the lion, has made the news again.

And it’s not good.


Clay County, Minn. (Valley News Live): Two days after Valley News Live broke the exclusive story of the Minnesota DNR investigating illegal hunting tactics on Walter Palmer’s land, more people are coming forward about deer herding on Palmer’s Clay County property. Palmer is the Minneapolis dentist who killed Cecil the Lion in Africa earlier this year. He was cleared in the investigation by African officials.

“I hunt everything: pheasants, geese, ducks, deer. I love the outdoors.”

Jason Mahar and his son hunted near Walter Palmer’s property this past weekend and he said he saw two trucks loop the land about 15 times.

“I didn’t see them chase deer but there is no reason to be going back and forth so many times and meeting on the road, talking and going again,” Mahar described.

Another hunter in that area also said he saw the cars drive by about 15 times in a two hour period. After our story aired, many people commented on the Valley News Live Facebook page stating they have seen the trucks before.

“You’re sitting there watching for deer so you don’t have a lot to do other than what goes by,” said Mahar.

Did Walter "Cecil" Palmer Really Do This?

In a voicemail left earlier this week for our original whistleblower, DNR Officer Gary Forsberg said they are investigating and consulting the County Attorney.

“See what we can do with this deal, it’s been going on long enough, so we would like to see if we can put an end to it, somehow. It may be tough but it’s worth a shot,” said Forsberg in his voicemail message.

Another viewer contacted us suggesting we look into whether or not Palmer’s land is paid for, in part, by tax dollars.

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