Bowhunters: You NEED To Share This Post

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on November 10, 2015

Sad news out of Pennsylvania.

But news we can all learn from.

A hunter has bled to death after shooting himself in the arm with a crossbow.

Richard Billetdeaux, 53, was on a four-man hunting trip in Clearfield County, Pennsylvania, on Saturday when he was found dead.

Officials said he made a distress call at around 11.30am saying he had shot himself and was ‘bleeding badly’. An hour later he was found dead.

The hunting friends had split up in different parts of State Game Lands 120 near Westover, Pennsylvania, earlier that day, NBC Philadelphia reported.

Bowhunters: You NEED To Share This Post

Clearfield County coroner Michael Morris said the father-of-five appeared to have accidentally shot himself in the upper arm with his crossbow, severing an artery.

Morris told We Are Central PA: ‘We have a report from one of the hunting party that they heard him make a distress call over their walkie-talkies and that’s why they went to look for him and that when they found him it was too late.

‘The victim radioed other hunters that he had shot himself and was bleeding badly.’

State police and the Pennsylvania Game Commission are continuing to investigate to rule out any other possible causes of death.

People are allowed to hunt and trap animals during open seasons on state game lands, with the one Mr Billetdeaux was using known for its deer, pheasants and geese.

Mr Billetdeaux was a carpenter with Keystone Dry Wall in nearby Cresson.

He leaves behind his partner Tammy Yingling, and children Ryan, Brennan, Lacey, Taylor and Sawyer.

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