Arrow Flinging Beasts: We List The Top 10 Archers On Film

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on November 12, 2015

There are archers…

And there are archers…

And there are those that do it on film.

These are the best of the latter.

As we see it.  Here are the best 10 archers as counted down by the staff of Outdoor Beasts.

Rambo Outdoor Beasts

1 – John Rambo
Rambo (played by Sylvester Stallone) is the only archer on our list to take down a helicopter with a bow and arrow.  Hell, he’s the only one on our list who’s even tried. That’s because he’s John Rambo, a killing machine. You go up against him you’ll need a good supply of body bags!  Over the span of four movies he’s taken down bad guys with his bow in more than three countries.


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