After 30 Years Of Trying…Angler Pulls Up This Leviathan

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on November 12, 2015

Jeff Brockner is a man on consistent habits.

“Every year, for 30 years consecutively, I have gone to the St. Lawrence River for a week or even 10-day vacation around this time of year to fish,” Brockner explained to Syracuse Online. “My father (Alan Brockner) started doing it himself around 45 years ago. It just went from there. It’s been our little vacation together.”

Now, after 30 years of fishing the same river at the same time of year, year after year, Brockner has hit pay dirt.

Last week he pulled in a 58 inch, over 60 pound muskie.

After 30 Years Of Trying...Angler Pulls Up This Leviathan

Folks, that’s almost as big as the late Gary Coleman.

After 30 Years Of Trying...Angler Pulls Up This Leviathan

Unfortunately, the fish died shortly after the fight.

“It was losing a lot of blood. As soon as we measured it, we put it back in the water in the net and worked it – trying to revive it on the side of the boat,” he said. “Once we let it out of the net, it went belly up. I felt sick. That was only kick in the (butt) about all this. I wanted to release it.”

Brockner said he ended up keeping the fishand will eat what he can and have a replica made of the body to commemorate the catch.





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