YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE What A Danish Is Going To Do To A Lion

Written by Gayne Young on October 12, 2015

By Gayne C. Young

This WOULD NEVER fly in the United States.

Never in a million years.

But let’s back up a bit…

A few months ago, the Odense Zoo in central Denmark euthanized one of its lions becuase it had too many females.

Again, think that’s fly in the U.S.?

This Thursday, the zoo plans to dissect that lion in public.

While public schools will be on fall break.

YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE What A Danish Is Going To Do To A Lion
Stock photo provided by zoo

Zookeeper Michael Wallberg Soerensen told the AP that the zoo has performed public dissections for 20 years. He stated, the dissections are “not for entertainment. We are not chopping up animals for fun. We believe in sharing knowledge.”

Yeah, sharing knowledge would never fly here in the states.


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