You Will NOT BELIEVE How Much This Cigar Humidor Costs…No Really

Written by Gayne Young on October 25, 2015

By Gayne C. Young

As an outdoor writer, I am more or less required by law to smoke cigars.

A lot of them (Mostly Safari Cigars!)

As such, I need a place to keep them.

Unfortunately, I won’t be keeping them in the new Emperador Cigar Chest.

This mainly because – as an outdoor writer – I can’t afford the $1 million price tag.

Yep, it costs $1 million.

You Will NOT BELIEVE How Much This Cigar Humidor Costs...No Really

The Emperador Cigar Chest incorporates over 2,600 individual components,  features a tourbillion timepiece made  by a Swiss watchmaker, and is surrounded by 24 individual glass tubes, each of which comes pre-packed with a Grand Cru cigar wrapped in four gold leaves.

Inside (along with the gold leaf wrapped cigars) is a cigar cutter, table lighter, and ashtray.
Nice…but $1 million?Think I’ll pass.



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