LISTEN UP! Episode 10 Of The Outdoor Writer Podcast Now On Itunes

Written by Gayne Young on October 12, 2015

LISTEN UP! Episode 10 Of The Outdoor Writer Podcast Now On Itunes

By Gayne C. Young

The Outdoor Writer Podcast

The Outdoor Writer podcast is the podcast that’s all about hunting, fishing, the outdoor lifestyle, and being a writer caught in the middle of it all.  Each week we cover the latest in the outdoor lifestyle, interview the best and brightest in the industry, answer your questions, detail our most recent adventures, and discuss the news in an intelligent and witty manner.

Episode 10

In this episode of the Outdoor Writer podcast, host Gayne C. Young and Colonel Craig Boddington talk the news and Craig’s new Endorsed Outfitters Program. Afterward, Gayne and Outdoor Writer CPT (R) Hunter Whirley talk this week’s outdoor news and what hunts each has coming up. It’s an episode you’ll want to share with friends, family, and all the shut-ins you know.


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