HUNTING GROUPS SUE DELTA: Here’s Why You Should Support Their Protest

Written by Gayne Young on October 26, 2015

Take the fight to them!
Plaintiffs say the airline’s refusal to transport some hunting trophies is illegal.
In August, during the uproar over the “Cecil the lion” incident, Delta Airlines announced it would no longer transport legally taken hunting trophies of elephant, buffalo, rhino, lion, or leopard (the Big Five) in its cargo hold. Now, a group of hunters and hunting groups is striking back by filing a lawsuit against the airline.

Conservation Force, Dallas Safari Club, Houston Safari Club, the CAMPFIRE Association, the Tanzania Hunting Operators Association (TAHOA), and Corey Knowlton filed suit against Delta Air Lines, Inc. to compel an end to Delta’s embargo on transport of hunting trophies of the Big Five. The plaintiffs allege the embargo on transport of a specific class of non-dangerous cargo is illegal because it violates Delta’s duty as a common carrier not to discriminate against passengers or cargo.

The plaintiffs point out that “Big Five” hunting in Southern and Eastern Africa is responsible for protecting the most wildlife habitat, providing the largest share of operating revenue for wildlife departments, underwriting three levels of anti-poaching efforts, and contributing critical benefits and incentives to local people damaged by the “Big Five.” John J. Jackson, III, President of Conservation Force, underscored the importance of hunting’s contributions.

HUNTING GROUPS SUE DELTA: Here's Why You Should Support Their Protest

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