Written by Gayne Young on October 5, 2015

HOLY CRAP Michigan Farmer Finds A HUNTER'S DREAM

By Gayne C. Young

Farmers Trent Satterthwaite and James Bristle were draining water from a field near Chelsea, Michigan when they discovered bones.

Bones from something very, very large.

HOLY CRAP Michigan Farmer Finds A HUNTER'S DREAM 2

“We knew it was something that was out of the norm,” Bristle told MLive.com. “My grandson came over to look at it, he’s 5-years-old, he was speechless.”

A call to Dan Fisher the director of the Museum of Paleontology at University of Michigan resulted in a digging crew hitting the farm where they were to retrieve about 20 percent of the animal’s skeleton.

Fisher believes that the animal was killed by hunters.

“They could be more distant, buried here at the site. It could be that they were eaten right after the animal was acquired,” Fisher explained. “Our working hypothesis for what we’re dealing with here is a partial skeleton, the pieces having been brought to this place by ancient humans for storage of carcass parts in a pond, it was their intent to come back later and retrieve this when they needed fresh meat.”


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