HERE WE GO AGAIN: Anti-Hunters Flip Over Death Of Legally Hunted Elephant

Written by Spartacus Rex on October 20, 2015

It’s amazing how the professional anti-hunter syndicate can look at something like this and not see that the reason more poaching doesn’t exist (like the 26 elephants that were just poisoned by hunters) is the funds provided by legal and responsible hunts.

No legal hunts…no funds. No funds…no protection. No protection…more poaching.

Let’s just hope it doesn’t get as crazy for this hunter as it did for the dentist who took “Cecil” just a few months ago.

A leading conservationist in Zimbabwe has criticised the killing of a “majestic” 60-year-old elephant by a German hunter, calling it “unethical”.

Johnny Rodrigues, chairman of the country’s Conservation Task Force, told the BBC that elephant, could have lived for another 15 years.

The unnamed hunter, who was pictured with the corpse, reported paid $60,000 (£39,000) for the legal hunt.

It comes months after the controversial death of Cecil the lion.

There was international outrage after Cecil, a 13-year-old lion, was killed during another legal hunt in July, also in Zimbabwe.

Read more at the BBC.


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