He worked with only his hands for 102 days…NOBODY expected to see this at the end!

Written by Gayne Young on October 3, 2015

He worked with only his hands for 102 days...NOBODY expected to see this at the end!

By Gayne C. Young

Screw hiring cheap labor.

And forget electricity, cable, Internet, air conditioning, and running water.

Well, actually those last few are pretty necessary in my book.

Watch as the host of Primitive Technology knocks out a fire and rot resistant jungle hut complete with solid tile roof, swinging door, chimney, and heated floor utilizing nothing but his bare hands and some made-on-the-spot tools in only 102 days.

It would have taken a lot less time but it pretty much rained on him for pretty much 40 days straight.

Forty days of rain, huh?

Sounds almost biblical.

Could you make something like this?

Want to?

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