FREAK OUT: This Dude Caught An Eleven-Foot-Long … WTF?

Written by Gayne Young on October 31, 2015

By Gayne C. Young

The pics don’t do it justice.

Not at all.

Chad Helmer landed a pickup-sized, 11 foot long, albino sturgeon while fishing the Fraser River in British Columbia last week.

FREAK OUT: This Dude Caught An Eleven-Foot-Long ... WTF?

The freakishly-white behemoth carried a girth of five foot!

Think about that for a sec…

Helmer’s fish is as big around as actress Mila Kunis is tall!

FREAK OUT: This Dude Caught An Eleven-Foot-Long ... WTF?


The Times Colonist reports:

Chilliwack fisherman Chad Helmer caught a large and strangely coloured sturgeon Saturday afternoon in the Fraser River, an experience he described as wicked and unbelievable.
Helmers described the fish as an albino, with white skin and pale yellow markings, instead of a sturgeon s normal grey colouring. Helmer s family has caught thousands of fish on the Fraser River over the last four decades, he said, and never seen an albino sturgeon like this one.
“We’ve never, ever seen one like that before,” Helmer said.
Helmer caught the fish Saturday afternoon after a 2-hour struggle, he said, then he measured it, posed for a few photos with it and released it.
Helmers said he measured its length at more than 11 feet, and its girth at around five feet. Sturgeon measuring more than 12 feet have been caught in the Fraser River in recent years.



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