CECIL ROUND 2: 26 Elephants POISONED in Cecil the Lion’s Former Home Park

Written by Spartacus Rex on October 20, 2015


We’re all about hunting. (Would be hard to be more pro-hunting than our bunch.) But this isn’t hunting.

We supported the hunter who took “Cecil” because he appears to have acted appropriately (regardless of whether the outfit he paid did or not). But poaching animals without regard for consequences and leaving their corpses just to take the tusks isn’t real hunting.

The corpses of 26 elephants have been discovered at two locations in Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park, officials have said. The Bhejani Trust and the National Parks and Wildlife Management Authority said that the large mammals perished at the hands of poachers who had poisoned the elephants and taken their tusks, taking the total tally of deaths for their tusks in the past month to 40.

However, 14 tusks were recovered which could be interpreted as a sign that the poachers panicked, according to Trevor Lane, founder of Bhejani Trust. He told the Associated Press: “The poachers were probably disturbed by rangers on patrol, which is why some of the tusks were recovered. Cyanide poisoning is becoming a huge problem here and we are struggling to contain it.”

No arrests have been made, but investigations are under way. Park rangers have so far found a kilogramme of cyanide and have upped protection of animals.

Read more at: http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/zimbabwe-26-elephants-killed-by-cyanide-poisoning-hwange-national-park-1524316


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