CALL TO ACTION: It’s Time Hunter Groups Vindicate Cecil’s “Killer” Walter Palmer

Written by Gayne Young on October 13, 2015

Here’s how it works:

You admit you were wrong.

You apologize with the same degree of intensity in which you condemned.

You move on and learn from your mistakes.


In July, hunter Walter Palmer was dragged through the media mud for killing a lion some knew as “Cecil.”  Palmer’s life and family were threatened and his business and his employees were scrutinized and harassed.  Mr. Palmer became a social pariah despite the fact that he had only been accused of wrong doing.

Unfortunately, many of the same groups that stand to protect hunters and hunters rights condemned Palmer and his actions before knowing all the facts.

They too rushed to judgement.

Now, the facts are known.

Walter Palmer did nothing legally wrong.

And while we don’t expect the media to admit their wrongdoings, we do expect more from the groups that supposedly stand for Palmer, hunters, and hunting.

Of these, Safari Club International is the largest.

Safari Club International revoked Palmer’s membership and hung him out to dry almost immediately after the story broke.

It’s time for SCI to reinstate Palmer’s membership and to apologize for kicking him out of the club – without knowing the facts – in the first place.


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