BULLWINKLE DOWN: Lady Hunter Just Whacked Vermont’s Mega-Moose (NEW STATE RECORD)

Written by Gayne Young on October 7, 2015

BULLWINKLE DOWN: Lady Hunter Just Whacked Vermont's Mega-Moose (NEW STATE RECORD)

By Gayne C. Young

Let me say it again.

Hunters rock.

Female hunters rock more.

Especially Tammy Miller.

She set the new Vermont state record for a moose taken with a bow on October 2 when she took a brute of a Bullwinkle in that state’s Northeast Kingdom.

Miller’s moose weighed 931 pounds and carried a massive antler spread of 53 and 3/4 inches. This easily beats the 919-pound former record holder taken by Kevin Rice last year.

Miller told Vermont Fish and Wildlife, “Five weekends of hard scouting enabled us to be hunting in an area with good moose trails and scrapes. After being in the area for a few minutes Friday morning, we heard the bull raking branches not far away, but it seemed to be moving away. Eric [her husband] raked some nearby branches with a moose scapula and called by mouth to imitate another bull moose. Fifteen minutes later the bull appeared about 15 yards away, presenting a nice shot.”

Congrats Mrs. Miller!


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