BREAKING: Cecil the Lion’s Hunter, Walter Palmer, Won’t Be Charged Because …

Written by Gayne Young on October 12, 2015

By Gayne C. Young


Hunter Walter Palmer WILL NOT BE CHARGED for any wrongdoing concerning his taking famed Cecil the Lion in Zimbabwe in July.

Palmer faced moral outcry, was booted from SCI, and had his life and family threatened for the hunt…that was all perfectly legal.

BREAKING: Cecil the Lion's Hunter, Walter Palmer, Won't Be Charged Because ...
Palmer (L) with a different lion

Zimbabwe environment minister, Oppah Muchinguri-Kashiri told news outlets, “We approached the police and then the prosecutor general, and it turned out that Palmer came to Zimbabwe because all the papers were in order.”

In other words, Palmer did not wrong.

Wonder how many apologies he’ll be receiving.

Or if SCI will admit it was wrong and have him back.


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