Boobs: PETA Loves & Uses Them…And Women Everywhere Should Be Outraged

Written by Gayne Young on October 2, 2015

Boobs PETA Loves & Uses Them 2
PETA has issues with people utilizing animals.

But not so much with silicon.

Or with using it to move people to its causes.

Such was the case at PETA’s 35 Anniversary Party held in…where else…Hollywood on September 30.
Boobs PETA Loves & Uses Them 3

Most ladies in attendance wore very little and proudly pushed their assets front and center for the camera, all in an effort to draw folks to their side.

Boobs PETA Loves & Uses Them 4
Of course, this is nothing new.

PETA has been objectifying women to push their agenda for years.
“I’d rather go naked than wear fur” campaign anyone?

So to review…

Eating meat, hunting, utilizing animals = bad.

Objectifying women as sex objects for promotion of their agenda = GOOD!

Why aren’t women upset by this?

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Boobs PETA Loves & Uses Them


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