BIGFOOT FOUND! (On eBay…for $85,000)

Written by Gayne Young on October 20, 2015

Clifford LaBrecque has a taxidermy mount unlike any you’ve ever seen.

It’s of a Bigfoot, or more specifically the Bigfoot that attacked him when he was a kid.

LaBrecque is now looking to unload the custom mount and is asking only $85,000 for it.

His Ebay description reads as follows:

You are bidding on a great business opportuity by owning a museum quality model of the legendary “big foot” an out standing piece of quality work he would make a great business for a touring attraction among many other opportunities transportation will be from north central Arkansas your pick up point any question please call me at 1-870-291-1863 (clifford labrecque) good luck bidding.

Geeze, who doesn’t know you’re supposed to capitalize “Arkansas?”

BIGFOOT Taxidermy

Intrigued by the mount – and its astronomical price – I turned to master taxidermist form maker and award winning sculptor  Raj Paul.

Hey Raj, how’s you been?

What’s this Bigfoot crap you sent me?

It’s a “museum quality Bigfoot taxidermy mount” that a guy is selling on Ebay for 85K. I want to get your opinion on it.

I don’t think it’s very well done. Looks like a mannequin covered with shag carpet. Is that a helmet covered with fur on its head?

I’m not sure. Based on your professional opinion, do you think it’s worth 85K?

Uh, no. I’d pay maybe $500 although I can see how it would have taken time to build. I’d guess it has maybe $5,000 to $10,000 worth of time and effort put into it. But it’s like spending a ton on a classic car. Just because you spend $30,000 fixing up an old car doesn’t make it worth that much extra.

BIGFOOT Taxidermy

Good point. Could you make a better Bigfoot mount?

By far.

How much would you charge?

Are you in the seriously in the market?

Uh, no.

Visit Raj S. Paul HERE


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