BEAR GRYLLS: 10 Essential Survival Tips From THE MASTER

Written by Gayne Young on October 13, 2015

Listen to one that knows of what he speaks.


You got me…

Read the words one that knows of what he speaks.

If there’s one man who knows a lot about outdoor survival, it’s Bear Grylls, so we thought we’d put together a list of Bear Grylls survival tips to help you out with your adventure needs.

The thing is, Bear Grylls survival tips are always bound to be pretty hardcore. The guy conquered Everest at 23, he’s the youngest chief scout in the history of the organisation, and he’s probably the only man in the world whose actually drunken camel poo without getting sent to a therapist.

You certainly couldn’t accuse him of living life in half-measures anyway, but whether he’s being badass, ingenious or just disgustingly logical, he certainly knows how to get the job done. Here are some Bear Grylls survival tips that prove just that… We’re guessing you don’t fancy following all of them!

BEAR GRYLLS: 10 Essential Survival Tips From THE MASTER

1) Drink Your Own Urine

The cornerstone entry in any list of Bear Grylls survival tips. The Englishman is famous for drinking his own piss, whether it be from a bottle, a plant, or, y’know, from a dead snake, but there’s plenty of method behind his madness.

The average human can survive between 3-5 days in strong heat without water, possibly longer in cooler conditions. Either way though, finding water is essential, but not always easy.

If you’re out of water and, crucially, still somewhat hydrated, drinking your own urine can keep you alive. This is because relatively clear urine will hydrate you, but if it’s brown and thick, it’s just waste and won’t help at all.

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